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Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Yes. Sliding scale rates based on income will be offered for clients without health insurance.

Will you counsel clients of different faiths?

Yes. Clients who are not of the Christian faith will be provided  counseling services without prejudice.

What if a client has different Biblical beliefs or interpretations?

Our counselors will not push their own personal beliefs or Biblical interpretations on their clients.

Will you pray with your clients?

Prayer will be offered in therapy for consenting clients who are comfortable with it and feel it is beneficial to their treatment.

Do you only use the Bible as a counseling resource?

No. A wide variety of counseling methods and techniques will also be utilized that do not conflict with the Christian worldview.

What is your viewpoint on medications used to treat addictions and disorders?

Medications are prescribed to treat chemical imbalances in the body. These chemical imbalances can have direct effects on a person's mood and mental health. They should not be considered to be less valuable than other medical treatments, such as medications that lower blood pressure or prevent blood clots. This being said medications do not help every client and so caution should always be exercised when deciding to try any medication prescribed by a doctor or psychiatrist.

Are addictions and disorders spiritual problems?

A chemical imbalance that contributes to an addiction or disorder is a physiological problem not a spiritual problem. Even the most devout Godly Christians suffer from physical ailments and no one usually claims their afflictions are a sign of spiritual weakness. Not all disorders have a chemical imbalance component. Some people do experience depression based on painful events or in some cases a false perception of their circumstances. Many symptoms of disorders and addictions may be spiritual issues. Some people claim that God has completely healed them and they no longer struggle with their previous addiction or disorder. Others claim God hasn't taken away their issue but He helps them overcome it by daily dependence on Him. The bottom line is that for Christians addictions or disorders are never an excuse for sin. If they were then 1 Corinthians 10:13 would not be true. There is no doubt that spiritual connection to God is vital for any Christian to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh.

Why are Christian counselors necessary?  Don't pastors offer counseling using the Bible?

Many pastors are very competent Christian counselors.  Unfortunately, many pastors do not have the time or extensive training to provide counseling services beyond a few sessions. Helping people overcome their addictions or disorders requires not only spiritual insight but knowledge of what therapies, techniques, and medications have been proven to be helpful for treating various disorders.  Integrated Christian counseling endeavors to treat the client’s body, soul, mind, and spirit.  Pastors have an awesome calling they preach, teach, evangelize, visit the sick, and have many other responsibilities within their church. Christian counselors have one focus, and that is meeting the counseling needs of their clients.

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