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What is Christ-Centered Counseling all about?

Christ-centered counseling recognizes that the Bible is God's spoken and recorded Word. The Bible is considered to be absolute truth and the truest commentary on the human condition ever written. Understanding and applying God's Word will lead inevitably toward maturity and away from sinful choices and dysfunction. Christ-centered counseling acknowledges that a person's spiritual, mental, and emotional health are directly tied to a strong and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Christians have been freed from the controlling power of sin and addiction. Secular counseling methods rely upon the strength of the counselor and the client to overcome their various hurts, disorders, or addictions. Christ-centered counseling instead relies upon Biblical truth and God's strength to empower counselors and their clients. Christ-centered counseling can be integrated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and numerous other counseling methods that do not contradict Biblical truth. Christ-centered counseling encourages Christian clients to be an active member of a Bible based church and use their spiritual gifts to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christ-centered counseling
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